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Artist bio

DJ Tony Magic is an electronic music artist based in Moscow, Russia. He went to a music school when he was a kid and started to compose his first melodies back then but had quite a long period of being just a listener after that.

He got back to writing music in 2020, during the pandemic, and managed to self-release his first tracks in 2021. For the moment he has releases on Suanda, 2Rock, Reckoning, Sahara, Redwave, National Sound, Psy Spy, Yavorovskiy, C.A.Y. and Musical Euphoria. Tony's tracks are supported by Alexander Popov, Artento Divini, Rodman, Roman Messer, Eximinds, Aimoon, Tycoos, Twin View and many others. This music producer's style is a blend of beautiful harmony, catchy melodies and driving groove.

Tony shared the stage with FONAREV, FEEL, Roman Messer, Ruslan Radriges, Eximinds, Aimoon, Tycoos, Alexander Turok and other famous artists. In 2023 he took part in Suanda Music 10 Years festival.

Tony hosts his own radio show Transcendental Flight – out every second Tuesday of the month on GTF, Graal, AVIVmedia and Music in Paradise radio stations.

Artist info

Stage name: DJ Tony Magic

Occupation: DJ, music producer

Music genres: Trance, Downtempo


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Personal info

Name: Anton Koptelov

Birth date: October 10, 1977

Nationality: Russian

Residency: Moscow, Russia


Here's the full DJ Tony Magic discography starting from his debut self-releases to these days, including EPs, albums, and singles.

EPs & Singles:

2023 Accepting Imperfection (Trance)

2023 Energy of Life (Trance)

2023 Higher Revelation (Trance, collab with Seif Osama)

2022 Alien Eyes (Psy-trance, collab with Murashi Spin)

2022 Lift-Off (Psy-trance, collab with Murashi Spin)

2022 Good Earth (Trance)

2022 Spiritual Jouyney (Trance)

2022 Legend of Synergy (Trance)

2022 Vision of Hope (Trance)

2022 Winter Solstice (Downtempo)

2022 November Sun (Downtempo)

2022 Dreams Come True (Downtempo)

2021 Seekers of Happiness (Downtempo)


2023 Marc Hackenberg & Josh Dirschka - Sol (DJ Tony Magic Remix) (Trance)

2022 Dreamstalker - Intuition (DJ Tony Magic Remix) (Downtempo)


2023 Sahara Universe 2022

2023 Psytrance Open Air Volume 6


2022 Magic Carpet (Electronica)

Early self-released singles:

2021 Frequency Separation (Downtempo)

2021 24 Summers (Downtempo)

2021 Sense of Clarity (Downtempo)

2021 Serenety of Seven (Downtempo)

2021 Variant B (Electronica)